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Woozle Research Unveils Advanced Survey Database Portal with Unique Data Storage Approach

Revolutionizing Investment Research with Precise, Accessible, and Efficient Data Management


London, United Kingdom – 17th January 2024 – Woozle Research, the preeminent leader in channel check research and a top-tier provider of high-quality survey research for investment professionals, proudly announces the beta launch of its innovative survey database portal. This cutting-edge platform is designed to transform how investors access and leverage survey data, offering unmatched insights into market dynamics and consumer behavior.


Key to Woozle’s pioneering approach is the unique method of storing each survey answer as a separate record, rather than as entire transcripts in PDF format. This innovative system provides several critical advantages to enhance user experience and streamline research:


Precision in Search Results: Users enjoy refined search capabilities, as they can pinpoint specific answers without navigating through lengthy documents. This precise search functionality saves time and delivers more relevant information.


Easier Data Analysis: Separate records for each answer enable more straightforward data analysis. Users can effortlessly compare and contrast responses, identify trends, and conduct statistical analysis, making the data more practical and insightful.


Improved Accessibility: The text-based record format increases compatibility with a variety of software tools, including data analysis and visualization programs, as well as assistive technologies, making it more accessible to a diverse user base.


Faster Information Retrieval: Searching through individual records is faster and more efficient than scouring PDF documents, especially with large data volumes, ensuring timely information access for professionals.


Enhanced Organization and Categorization: The ability to categorize and tag each record based on content, context, or other criteria leads to a more structured and navigable database, improving the overall user experience.


Innovative Features of the New Data Portal:

Questionnaire Results: Offers comprehensive and detailed views of questionnaires, enhanced by keyword search functions for precise insights.


Survey Instances: Intuitive Survey Inbox View and Page View for easy access and reading of surveys, featuring date filters and PDF printing options.


Survey Datapoints: Explore an all-in-one table of every survey question and answer since Woozle’s inception, with Pivot View and Mix & Match features for in-depth analysis.


My Profile: Users can set up new survey alerts and opt for the AWS Feed Add-on for daily CSVs with all new and historical survey data.


Woozle Research invites user feedback during the beta phase and is committed to regularly updating the platform to enhance its capabilities.

Investment professionals around the globe can now tap into Woozle’s extensive survey database for a competitive advantage and more informed decision-making. The portal’s unique data storage method and comprehensive features position Woozle Research as a trailblazer in survey-based investment research.


About Woozle Research:

Woozle Research is a premier provider of channel check and survey research for investment professionals, dedicated to delivering high-quality, actionable insights and establishing itself as a trusted partner for informed investment decisions.


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Woozle Research Unveils Advanced Survey Database Portal with Unique Data Storage Approach - Woozle Research