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B2B Survey Research of the Electric Bicycle Industry for a Private Equity Fund


Woozle Research, a leader in channel check research, recently undertook a detailed study to assist a prominent private equity firm in understanding the dynamics of the U.S. electric bicycle (e-bike) market. This case study explores the methodology and impact of Woozle Research’s approach in providing critical insights for investment decision-making.



Our client, a forward-thinking private equity firm, sought to delve into the e-bike industry’s competitive landscape and assess the performance of potential investment targets. With a burgeoning market and evolving consumer trends, the need for precise and actionable data was paramount.


Woozle Research’s Approach

To address our client’s needs, Woozle Research employed a two-pronged research strategy focusing on both e-bike dealers and consumers.

  1. Dealer Analysis: Our team curated a comprehensive questionnaire tailored to the unique aspects of the e-bike market. We carefully selected and scrutinized a sample of 12 prominent e-bike brands across the U.S. This process involved a detailed examination of market trends, pricing strategies, sales performance, and the competitive landscape concerning the introduction of new brands.
  2. Consumer Insights: We expanded our research scope to include a diverse sample of 250 e-bike consumers, focusing on ten leading brands. This study aimed to capture consumer perceptions, buying behaviors, brand preferences, and the decision-making process. Our team meticulously analyzed consumer feedback on various e-bike attributes and their experiences with different brands.

Key Findings and Deliverables

The insights garnered from Woozle Research’s comprehensive study provided our client with several critical deliverables:

  • In-depth Market Analysis: Detailed reports on market trends, sales dynamics, and competitive positioning within the e-bike industry.
  • Consumer Behavior Insights: A thorough understanding of consumer preferences, purchasing patterns, and brand perceptions.
  • Data-Driven Visualizations: Advanced data visualizations, including frequency tables and graphical representations, offered a clear view of market and consumer trends.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Based on our findings, we provided strategic guidance to assist in making informed investment decisions.


Leveraging Woozle Research’s exhaustive research and analysis, our client gained a comprehensive understanding of the e-bike market. This empowered them to identify lucrative investment opportunities and make informed decisions within a constrained timeframe and budget.


Why Woozle Research?

  • Targeted Audience Selection: Our expertise in identifying relevant e-bike buyers and sellers ensured the collection of highly pertinent data.
  • Customized Research Techniques: Tailored questionnaires and research methods aligned with the specific needs of the e-bike industry.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Our ability to swiftly execute extensive research projects and deliver comprehensive results within tight deadlines and budget constraints sets us apart.

By employing Woozle Research’s robust research methodologies and expertise in the e-bike sector, our client was well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the market and make strategic investment decisions with confidence.


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B2B Survey Research of the Electric Bicycle Industry for a Private Equity Fund - Woozle Research