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About Woozle

What does Woozle Do?

Woozle Research is an award-winning primary research firm to the world’s biggest investors.

Who are Woozle's Clients?

We work exclusively with institutional investors. Many of the world’s leading public and private equity investors trust us to provide winning first-hand investor intelligence.

How does Woozle Work?

We source grassroots primary research to help clients gain deeper insights into their investments and realise greater returns. Millions of people around the world have subject matter expertise that when aggregated can provide accurate, differentiated, and leading insights for investors. We design questions and conduct interviews with relevant subject matter experts whose crowdsourced insights can make or break your investment case.

Why use Woozle?

In today’s fast-moving and competitive financial markets, investors can’t rely on traditional data or research alone to provide them with an informational edge. We use primary research to deliver exclusive, leading, and differentiated insights sourced directly from subject-matter experts to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their investments and realise greater returns.

Can anyone use Woozle?

Woozle specialises in working exclusively with institutional investors. Our solutions for Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Private Equity firms are relied on by many of the world’s largest investors who trust us to provide winning first-hand intelligence to help them identify, predict, and monetise trends long before it’s known to competitors

Why are you called Woozle?

Woozle takes its name from the “Woozle effect” in academia, whereby a research conclusion is cited as evidence by other researchers repeatedly until it is perceived to be valid, regardless of whether the original source was correct in the first place. In adopting the name Woozle, we take aim at a similar tendency within equity research to anchor opinions and predictions on unreliable or incorrect third-party information.


What are Woozle's Compliance Policies?

Woozle adopts industry leading compliance policies and procedures for our directors, officers, and employees with respect to the solicitation and use of information gained from interviews. Our policies are designed to prevent the solicitation of material, non-public information or allegations of such solicitation, and to protect Woozle's reputation for integrity and ethical conduct and those of our clients. For more information please contact compliance@woozleresearch.com.

Careers at Woozle

Do you have any full-time opportunities?

Yes. As part of our global growth and expansion, we are looking to recruit Equity Research Analysts in our London Office to help capitalise and expand on our strong growth across both our research offering and client base. Successful applicants will be responsible for analysing qualitative and quantitative information on companies and produce written primary research reports aimed at private and public equity investors. To apply or learn more, please email careers@woozleresearch.com.

Do you have any part-time or internship opportunities?

Yes. We are always looking for multilingual, results-driven candidates to join us in delivering fundamental equity research across numerous regions and sectors. Successful candidates will be responsible for conducting high-quality, in-depth interviews with experts in different sectors to uncover the latest developments and key fundamental factors impacting an industry. To apply or learn more, please email careers@woozleresearch.com.

Media Requests

Where can I find press releases & news?

You can find the latest news, insights, and opinions from across our business on our resources page.

How do I contact Woozle's media team?

Please direct all media and public relations enquiries to media@woozleresearch.com

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