Entrepreneurs Discuss the Evolving Role of Video

Article published by Small Business Rainmaker on 24th July 2019.


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Video is turning up in some unusual ways at small businesses everywhere. I reached out to owners in over thirty industries to learn how they’re using video in their marketing. Turns out they’re using it for a lot more than marketing as we know it.


Aside from video content and video marketing strategies, businesses are using video to collaborate internally with co-workers and externally with both customers and vendors.



Woozle’s Contribution

Mark Pacitti is the managing director and founder of Woozle Research. They specialize in interviewing thousands of subject matter experts to help investors gain a competitive edge and beat the market.


Pacitti’s use of video is also very wide-ranging,


“Institutional investors and financial services professionals in general can be quite stale in how they communicate when compared to other industries such as media and entertainment.


We’ve seen a huge uplift in staff productivity, client retention, and organic sales growth since we started to use video as a tool for communicating both internally and externally.”


Some examples of how their research firm is using video along with feedback on their results:



Training Videos

“From running payroll to using the latest in-house SaaS software, we have training videos for almost every part of our daily operations. This helps to get new joiners up to speed quickly, allows us to measure staff performance more accurately as everyone gets the same training, and the videos make it easier to explain complicated instructions by visually showing what the person needs to do.”



Video Sales Pitches

“We now can use the same high-quality, well-scripted piece of video content to share with prospective clients and we know:


a) they can look at it whenever they want;
b) they can re-watch and share it; and
c) they will all receive the same high-quality content every time!


It’s worked wonders with client sales growth, and it’s saved me so much time it’s quite incredible! People also want to self-serve nowadays and they don’t want to be talked at by a salesperson!”



Video Research Updates

Woozle used to send written research reports. Now an equity analyst will do a short video summary.


Says Pacitti, “We’ve found most people prefer to watch the video rather than reading the article even though the subject matter of our content is fairly complex in terms of providing investment professionals with buy or sell recommendations on publicly listed companies!”



Pacitti’s top video tips:

“Make videos concise and to the point. Focus on one main topic/message per video and then bucket them together into bigger topics…


Also, little and often is key because it means you can build up a huge library over time and you can always re-record a short two-minute video if it’s not clear or not being watched…”


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Entrepreneurs Discuss the Evolving Role of Video - Woozle Research