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Cyber Security

Woozle interviewed 50 active professionals in the cyber security sector to gather their opinions on the long term prospects and risks for the sector

In late 2018, Woozle was commissioned to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with active professionals using a target list of cyber security firms. Woozle completed more than 50 detailed interviews with active professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with practical and current experience in the cyber security sector to uncover on the ground practical insights on revenues, market share, pricing, and the prospects and risks for the industry and dominate companies in the sector in the long-term. Woozle was able to delivery two written research reports, offer two client catch up calls, incorporate new questions mid-project cycle, and was able to facilitate a one-on-one call with a key respondent at the clients request. Woozle delivered the project in 11 days.

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