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Case Study


Private Equity

Woozle interviewed more than 50 executives with knowledge and experience of WeWork to collect insights on the growth, profitability, and prospects for the company and sector

In early 2019, Woozle was commissioned to conduct a series of in-depth interviews with executives at a list of target firms operating in the financial, real estate and asset management sectors with first-hand insights into the unit economics of co-working spaces in Europe. Woozle interviewed 50 senior-to-mid level executives across Europe to collate a mosaic of their insights related to the prospects for the industry and the dominate companies within it. Our client received two written reports, all the underlying quantitative and qualitative interview notes, was able to amend sample and question lists mid-project cycle, and received several video reports from our analysts to keep them updated on insights as they were collected. Woozle was able to complete the project in seven days.

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Woozle works exclusively with institutional investors enabling us to quickly and effectively understand their investment objectives, identify key stakeholders best placed to provide accurate and current views, and source their insights to answer our client's most important questions.

Woozle’s blend of both quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews helped to give us a much better overview of sector trends… We were really impressed with the frequent feedback we received

Investment Parnter, Global Private Equity Fund

Our experienced team of finance professionals twinned with our proprietary primary research contacts database and outreach software gives us the scale and scope to be able to deliver deeper and more relevant insights to clients faster.

With Woozle, there’s no need to waste time trying to schedule one-on-one calls with experts. We can work independently to design questions, identify respondents, complete interviews, and delivery results in only a few days.

Contacting subject-matter experts on a larger scale means we're able to provide a deeper and broader range of insights that gives our clients more confidence in quality of our investment recommendations.

Learn more about how you can receive real-time updates, data, & analysis using our primary research.

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