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Case Study


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Our high conviction short idea on Pandora generated more than 20% returns for clients when the world’s biggest jewellery maker cut it’s profit and sales forecast

On 6th August 2018, Pandora shares plunged after the world’s biggest jewellery maker cut its profit and sales forecasts amid struggles in key markets such as the U.S. and China. Two weeks prior to the earning release, Woozle’s survey research uncovered evidence of brand deterioration and decelerating sales trends that were broadly missing margin and revenue targets. Clients were able to verify our results and initiate or scale their short positions with enough time to capitalise on a 20% drop in the share price following the official announcement.

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Woozle delivers real-time notifications of high conviction calls, inflection points in underlying fundamentals, differentiated viewpoints and more across a diverse range of sectors and companies.

Our aim at Woozle is ultimately to help our clients gain an edge in an almost efficient and highly competitive market. The success of our business is inextricably linked to that of our clients and their ability to generate alpha, to beat the market. That’s why everything we do is laser focused on adding value to their investment decision-making

Mark Pacitti, CFA Managing Director

Raw data extracts, research and analysis are delivered to clients immediately ensuring clients always have access to the latest insights, allowing them to act faster on critical intelligence.

Email alerts synthesize an incredibly diverse range of global content gathered from key sources to help our clients stay ahead of earnings volatility.

Our proprietary results database allows clients to easily search, analyse, and download all our data since inception to incorporate in their own models and workflow.

Powerful keyword search, analytics dashboard, filter metrics, and intraday updates allow clients to easily consume our research as it’s collected.

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