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Shanghai, China


Case Study


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Our high conviction long idea on Moncler generated more than 30% returns for clients when the Italian luxury outerwear maker beat expectations and upped their full year profit guidance

On 28th February 2019, Moncler shares jumped after the Italian luxury outerwear maker reported revenues and profits that beat market expectations on faster-paced collection releases. Two weeks prior to the earnings release, Woozle’s primary research uncovered evidence of accelerating sales growth on new and signature collections that was significantly ahead of targets across all their distribution channels globally - particularly China. Clients were able to initiate or scale their long positions with enough time to capitalise on a 30% rise in the share price in the run up to and the weeks following the official announcement.

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Woozle runs a partnership approach with each client to ensure we are always collecting insights that are relevant and actionable to give them the best opportunity to monetize and capitalise on our insights.

Woozle employs real-time human intelligence that can be gathered from customers, competitors, suppliers, observations, site visits, etc. Meshed together, this intel can yield tremendous information about the current and future health of a company.

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Clients have the ability to request new companies to be added to their on-going tracker coverage with practically no limitations on the sector, region, or size of the company to be included.

We give clients the ability to include their own questions or areas of focus in our interviews or survey work which allows us to ensure our research remains relevant and actionable.

By offering clients the ability to overweight or underweight different respondent types during the course of our research, we add more value by being able to focus exclusively on the most important aspects of a particular investment thesis.

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