Behind the Curtain: How Investors Use Surveys to Get Proprietary Insights

Understanding the competitive landscape, the impact of disruptive technology, and pricing mix are just some of the ways investment analysts are using primary research surveys to gain a competitive edge.

Investment research is a highly competitive field where gaining an informational edge can make a huge difference to portfolio returns. Smart investors are increasingly turning to primary research tools, including survey collection, to obtain proprietary insights about markets and consumers that help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Here are a few examples of all the different types of investors and analysts that work with Woozle research to carry out their investment research and gain an edge versus their peers:

1. Private Equity: These funds invest in private clients of varying sizes, sectors and geographies that are typically looking to streamline operations and improve performance with the aim of selling out of their stake at multiples of what they paid. These clients typically use primary research to understand consumers in a market where they operate and get a good sense of the market opportunity available to them in a possible acquisition. (You can read our case study focused on medical lasers here)

2. Venture Capital: These funds focus on helping early stage start-up businesses launch and grow fast. VC funds tend to be associated with developing new technologies and business innovation. For them, survey research can help validate whether launching into a new category is worth their time and money, and confirm if a new product or service will address an actual market need or consumer pain point. (Check out an example we did for an insurance software solution).

3. Asset Managers: These funds aim to beat the market benchmark return over a 3 to 5 year time horizon by buying companies they feel are under-priced relative to the medium-to-long term prospects for the business. For these types of clients, survey research can help validate the high growth potential of a new disruptive technology. (Here’s an example in the commercial robotics sector!)

4. Hedge Funds: These funds fall are designed to protect client money from market uncertainty while generating positive returns in both up and down markets. Hedge funds tend to use primary research solutions to get a deeper insights into public business to consumer companies in industries like entertainment, telecoms, consumer goods, retail, autos, luxury and food sectors. Many times hedge fund investors will use surveys as a way of taking the pulse of a particular market before a public company holds its quarterly earnings call. (Here’s how we helped clients stay ahead of earnings on Superdry)

Those are just a few of the types of primary research surveys we can offer to investors looking to gain an edge in competitive markets. You can see more examples here or for anyone interested in discussing a project please email

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Behind the Curtain: How Investors Use Surveys to Get Proprietary Insights - Woozle Research