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Woozle's clients are some of the worlds leading institutional investors globally who rely on us to provide them with an informational edge using primary research.

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Multi Award-Winning Primary Research for Investors

Woozle Research is a multi award-winning primary research firm to the world’s biggest investors. In markets around the world, our researchers work relentlessly to uncover the real-world factors that drive investment returns. Partnering with a diverse range of clients, we deploy human intelligence gathering techniques to source specialist insights that underpin our client’s investments.

The Woozle Effect

Woozle takes its name from the “Woozle effect” in academia, whereby a research conclusion is cited as evidence by other researchers repeatedly until it is perceived to be valid, regardless of whether the original source was correct in the first place. In adopting the name Woozle, we take aim at a similar tendency within investment research to anchor opinions and predictions on unreliable or incorrect third-party information.

The Intelligence Mosaic that Powers Investments

Our solutions for Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Private Equity firms are relied on by many of the world’s largest investors who trust us to provide winning first-hand intelligence to help them identify, predict, and monetize trends long before it’s known to competitors.   

How it works

We source grassroots primary research to help clients gain deeper insights into their investments and realise greater returns.


Millions of people around the world have subject matter expertise that when aggregated can provide accurate, differentiated, and leading insights for investors. Whether it’s Japanese laser doctors or oil rig workers in Aberdeen, we find the people that know best and first about the prospects for your investments.


Combining traditional investment methods and our own proprietary primary research techniques, we design questions and conduct interviews with relevant subject matter experts whose crowdsourced insights can make or break your investment case.


Woozle transforms this mosaic of insights from multiple respondents into real-time alerts, allowing you to gain a more detailed, accurate, and practical understanding of the risks and rewards for your investment case; facilitating deeper insights to drive greater returns.  

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