In today’s fast-moving and competitive financial markets, investors can’t rely on traditional data or research alone to provide them with an informational edge. We use primary research to deliver exclusive, leading, and differentiated insights sourced directly from subject-matter experts to help clients gain a deeper understanding of their investments and realise greater returns.


The Intelligence Mosaic That Powers Investments.

Our solutions for Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, and Private Equity firms are relied on by many of the world's largest investors who trust us to provide winning first-hand intelligence to help them identify, predict, and monetize trends long before it's known to competitors.

Hedge Funds

Stay Ahead of Earnings Volatility.

Woozle for Hedge Funds helps portfolio managers learn about market-moving events earlier and discover differentiated content that can be transformed into sharper insights, better opportunities, and more profitable trading decisions.

Asset managers

Deepen Your Investment Perspective.

Woozle for Asset Managers helps fund managers make better investment decisions by providing them with independent, original, and unbiased insights by speaking to professionals with first-hand knowledge and experience of the prospects of any sector, trend, or company.

Private equity

Crowdsource Expert Opinion Simultaneously.

Woozle for Private Equity helps investment teams with origination, commercial due diligence, value creation, and portfolio monitoring by systematically collecting independent insights from sources with practical first-hand knowledge that is critical to their investment processes.


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