Woozle Delivered 2.3% Sector-Relative Alpha in Q4-2017 Earnings Season

Our aim at Woozle research is ultimately to help our clients gain an edge in an almost efficient and highly competitive market. The success of our business is inextricably linked to that of our clients and their ability to generate alpha, to beat the market.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to be able to share our Woozle Earnings Scorecard Report – Q4-2017

In summary:

  • Woozle Research delivered 2.3% sector-relative alpha exclusively through the use of primary research and human intelligence gathering techniques.
  • We crowd-sourced stakeholder insights. Last quarter, we spoke to thousands of key company stakeholders to build up mosaic of real-time crowd-sourced opinion that delivers leading and exclusive insights on company fundamentals.
  • We hit some serious home runs with a 1.3x win/loss ratio! Simply put, our winning ideas made 30% more money than our losing ideas lost. And that trend was consistent across all time segments; pre-earnings, the event day, and post-earnings.
  • Our metronome-like batting average continued with a 65% hit rate! Simply put, 65% of our ideas made money. Not bad!
  • We re-learned that market sentient is crucial! Our worst performing idea in Q4 lost us 12.7% despite the fact we were bang on target with the fundamentals. We knew things weren’t going well for the company but what we failed to appreciate was the fact investors were expecting the Apocalypse! Play the player, not the cards.
  • Next time, sell the print! More than 75% of our alpha was generated in the 14 days leading up to earnings releases. Essentially, pre-earnings drift was our friend this quarter and that’s been consistent for the last few earnings periods.

Best of luck this quarter and get in touch to learn more!

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